Title: Extensive experience in browser automation development.

Body: Greet I am professionally engaged in automating actions in the browser and in Android applications, web scraping data from any website I automate Android applications and collect data from them Web scraping sites: catalogs, phones, companies, products I will automate any actions in the browser, I will provide a script. Creation and filling of online stores and catalog sites. Retrieving data from copy-protected websites, solving captcha and recaptcha. And data processing in CSV, Excel. I have ten years of experience. Automatic collection from company websites, phone numbers, emails and product catalogs. Automatically publish content to websites. I have created projects to automatically collect and publish content in ZennoPoster, BrowserAutomationStudio. I am a web scraping consultant and data engineer. Development and automation of custom bots Contacts zoya_borisova_87@bk.ru Viber/WhatsApp: +79818525114 Skype anato27

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